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Floorcare Repairs & Servicing

Is your floorcare equipment not up to the task of keeping your home or workplace clean and tidy?

From maintaining pristine floors to ensuring a dust-free environment, we understand the importance of well-functioning floorcare appliances. Here are some common issues you might experience with a faulty floorcare device:

  • Loss of suction power (for vacuums)
  • Brush roll not rotating (for vacuums)
  • Poor cleaning performance
  • Clogs or blockages
  • Noisy operation
  • Leaking or dirty water (for carpet cleaners)
  • Battery not holding a charge (for cordless models)
  • Broken or tangled brushes (for robotic cleaners)
  • Handle or hose damage (for canister vacuums)
  • Error messages or indicator lights

If your floorcare appliance is beyond repair, don't worry. SJP Repairs can coordinate the delivery, installation, and removal of a new appliance.

So, if your floorcare equipment isn't keeping your floors spick and span or has completely stopped working, don't hesitate to contact your friendly, Scunthorpe-based Floorcare Appliance Technician. We're here to ensure your floors are clean and your living space is comfortable!